Recent Success Stories (June-2015):

Student 1) Name: AB
Maths As and A Levels.

C1, C2, C3, S1, S2 ---> A GRADES, C4-->B Grade.
Overall A Level grade was A (Maths Gcse grade was B)

Student 2) Name: LC
As/A2 MAths student (Home Tutored solely by Kamal Patel)

C1 95%, C2 85%, S1 79%.
First attempt.
Achieved an A/A* in June 2014.

Student 3) DP
Gcse Maths/Science online student.
This student is tutored online only and is currently studying Maths AS levels with Delta Tutors.

Maths Grade A*,
Science: Grade A

All the results are verifiable at the centres office. The names of students are abbreviated for data protection reasons.

Below are some quotes from parents.

"I am very much pleased to see my daughter's progress after we took Mr. Kamal Patel's Lessons. The tutors are experts in their own field and have helped my daughter Jessica to increase a vast liking for Maths, Physics and Mechanics. I highly recommend the online lessons to any parents. I cannot emphasize enough the robustness, flexibility and the cost effectiveness this system offers. I give it a 9/10 score."

Mrs. Patel. (Parent of an A-Level student)

"I full heartedly recommend Mr. Kamal's tutoring services to any parents wishing to employ a private tutor for their children. He and his team of fellow tutors are very professional and high calibered. They helped both of my sons to get their desired grades in Physics and Mechanics in their A-Levels and GCSE respectively. Very friendly and professional group of tutors. Highly recommended.
I will give them a 10/10 for their service."

Mr. J. Taylor. (Parent of A GCSE and an A Level Student)

"I am very delighted to write this testimonial pertaining to Mr. Patel's 11+ tutoring sevices. My daughter has cleared the 11+ entrance  for Slough Grammar, Haberdasher's Aske's Girls schools and Henrietta Barnet. I now can send her to possibly the best three grammar schools. Thanks to all the last minute guidance by Kamal. He is Brilliant!."

Mrs. Jyotsna Patel. (Mother of an 11+ student)

"I am very pleased to recommend the online services by DeltaTutors. My son started for the 11+ preparations in March 2008. In just 4 months we saw substantial progress and I am very happy to see the results. I definitely recommend the virtual online services to anyone who is looking for 11+ preparations for their child. The online services offer the best convenience, flexibility and cost effectiveness."

Mrs. Pamela (Mother of an 11+ student 2015)

"I undertook all the subjects namely Maths, chemistry, Biology and Physics with Mr. Patel. They run a very professional service and I am very pleased with the results which I got. A grade for Maths and Chemistry. I highly recommend the private tuition approach of Delta Tutors to any students and parents. The team of tutors are very naturally motivated and always eager to help. The subject knowledge which they have is solid. Besides there is a choice of having a male/female tutor as per your preferences."

Ms. Pooja Patel (A GCSE-2008 student for Deltatutors.com)

PS. Parents and students who gave above testimonials can be contacted at descrition. Some handwritten testimonials are even available for viewing.

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