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An outstanding Grammar High school Maths teacher, I teach Maths up to A-Levels and beyond and have been teaching for 10 years now. I am a fully qualified Maths Teacher (QTS) registered with UK National College of Teaching and Leadership. I work in an outstandingly high achieving Grammar school of London.

Mission Statement

So far I have tutored over 100 students on a 1-1 basis in the past 7 years alone. This is over 4000 hours of tutoring (40 weeks for each student a year X 100 students = 4000 hours! Moreover, I work as a Grammar school teacher and I am required to deliver outstanding lessons in accordance with the OFSTED Framework. Hence I have an accurate and in-depth knowledge of the most recent syllabus changes and the exam boards. That combined with my daily touch of solid Maths puts myself in a very strong position to very quickly and thoroughly assess the educational needs of a student and then build upon their strengths. My lessons are Laser sharp and objective oriented wherein I intend to achieve a very concrete goal at the end of each of my tutoring sessions.

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